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But I'm still in my own little world

By Adriana

As I sit here and look through the window of time,
the nights darkness surrounds me.
I feel a shiver as I shed a tear,
this darkness is not unfamiliar
I see it most of the time.
Partly because I am all alone
not hearing any of the tone.
I'm most misunderstood but what can I do when no-one seems to care
they just brush me off their shoulder
and give me a cold glare.
I try to tell myself that this has go to stop!

But I'm still in my own little world!

The reason no-one understands is because
they do not know how hard it is to live life like this
It's not just ad school but at home too.
The same old story
'Don't be so clumsy,
'you lazy child,' 'why can't you be normal!'
'You laugh too loud!' 'And your head always in a cloud.'
"You don't use your head, as I have said,
'her brain has never been used.'"
This may seem funny to those so sunny but
to me it just hurts as she goes and blurts.

But I'm still in my own little world!

At School it's much the same, I feel that
I have just been hurled away,
so as not to get in the way.
I can be more myself but teachers despair.
I try and have fun but it ends much the same
'Why can't you be calm, stop being so hyper!'
Or you will have to go right up to the san
I look out of the window and all that
I see are my fellow friends
and again I realise that it just ends.

But I'm still in my own little world!

I get angry and frustrated this turns to much despair,
I begin to do what I know best which I know
I couldn't care, I take my fist, with one
big bang it meets the wall like the shot of a gun.
The tears do come like a mighty tonne.
My teacher comes up and gives me a glare,
"I don't want you here, I just despair"
She says I'm unstable, but I know I'm quite stable.

But I'm still in my own little world!

I know I have no attention, but some think
I act for the attention.
I cope with things through my own little way
and people can't see so they just make me pay.
The names I know so well, I v'e been told many times,
You're wierd, abnormal and a freak.
However I am no geak, I can't sit still
so I get not skill from attending lessons.
Many people think that I am so rude
because I get impatient.
This sort of heat bubbles inside me
it's hard to keep it controlled
so in return they go very cold!

But I'm still in my own little world!

To sum it all up it's hard to say
I wish people would take the chance to
understand and perhaps just lend a hand.
I get the blame
which is pinned to my name.

So please please watch and you will see
that it's not much fun having ADHD.

But then things changed as you will see,
so I want to take the time to
say a very big thank you to a very special person,
who took a moment to listen and understand
I will always look up and admire for what they have done
for they have given me the sun!
I will miss her a tonne
for now we have won!

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