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The Pyramid Poem

By various parents of adders from the forum boards

This poem was started as a single verse on the Parent Forum Board of, then compiled from each of the separate posts and sent to me by Sam

I've got a child with a problem
They've diagnosed ADHD
I wish I knew something about it
It's really bothering me

I found a good website called Adders
They are really important to me
They can answer all of my questions
About this thing they call ADHD

When I feel sad and lonely
Sometimes unhappy and blue
I log onto Adders website
There's always somebody there for you

And when it gets late in the evening
And all the kiddies are going to sleep
MSN starts to call in the distance
And then we can really let rip

I wish people wouldn't ignore him
It really hurts me to see
Why can't he be like the others
And get invited round their house for tea

I know my son is an adder
He keeps reminding us
The last time we were out walking
He chucked a brick at a bus

And now they have given him Ritalin
They tell me to just wait and see
The changes that come with this tablet
They are giving my boy back to me

At Adders we found people who care
Help us forget those who stare
At times we all have felt lost
But here we've found friends at no cost

Without them what would we do
I really don't know, do you?
I would have gone mad, but I have to say
With they've saved the day

Thought things were going smoothly
my son's been acting groovy
Got a shock on the phone
When school sent him home

Why does the school always fail him
He is so incredibly bright
If only the teachers would listen
I'm sure they could teach him to write

Thankyou Janeetus
I know we can beat this
It drives me round the bend
How I wish I could mend
Lucky to have such a good friend

Others might only see his behaviour is bad
I think that is kinda sad
But deep within my heart I know
This journey will help me learn and grow

Thank you fate for choosing me
To be the mum of little Dani
She is my little adder, my only one
And I am very proud to be her mum

Help! I need somebody
Help! Not just anybody
Help! I need someone

When we were younger so much younger than today
We didn't realise we needed help in any way
But now we're older, so much older than yesterday
We need Adders help, each and every day

Nick is my Adder
I love him to bits
Sometimes really it gets badder
And we hope it's only for a short time like this

I know as a mum I am not alone
There are more of you outside
I would like to phone

We do our best at the end
and get rewarded holding their small hands
In good and in bad times we are for them there
Sometimes indeed I would like to scream.....

Hurray I am the mum of an Adder

In the poem I'd like to say, these kids are special in every way
Lets hope one day they will find a cure,
and these kids won't have ADHD anymore
But until then let people understand
All they need is a helping hand
Pick them up so they stand tall
Don't make them stand against the wall
Just remember when they shout
They're not bad, it's just the ADHD coming out
Remember to praise them when they are good
It's not nice to be misunderstood
Help them to get through school
They don't mean to break the rules
So don't tell these kids to go away
You might have a child with ADHD one day!

at the end of my tether
i wondered wether life would get better
by chance i came at a
glance to the adders org
where i feel so much better
knowing that my letters
are helping me cope
giveing me hope

Things are good at the mo
My! they have been slow
Times have been down
Now there turning around
Hope it can last
As they sure can slip fast

What a talented lot, Take care,
Sam xxx

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