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What is it you see when you stop and stare?

Author Caroline

You see my child who is there
He is all of a state yelling, crying and screaming
That is all you see and that's all you care.
Look a bit deeper

See the hurt in his eyes
Take the time to watch
Don't look in surprise.
What if he looked different?

Would you care more?
In a wheelchair perhaps?
Is that what you could endure?
But all you see is a screaming brat
Yes they are your words
They are not mine
How do you think I feel about that?

He is only a child
One of the many to you
Who all misbehave
The way yours never would do.

Now look a bit deeper
Try to understand
My child is no different
He just can't understand

Why people always hurt him
He does not know why
They treat him as different
He wonders and cries

The only way he can show
People how he does feel
Because he can't express
The frustration he feels.

He has a medical condition
No, not one you can see
But one that is hidden
It is called ADHD.

Oh that's just an excuse
I can hear you say
To let him behave
In that anti-social way.

But try to go out of your way
And to learn about this
It is a neurological problem
His reasoning is a bit hit and miss.

He tries so hard
To get through the day
Without fully understanding
What people say.

This then makes him upset
He can't understand
Why he can't play with the others
In the sand,

They find him a trial
They find him a bore
The tantrum he has
How he falls to the floor.

This wonderful and loving
This child of mine
He feels so alone
All there in his own mind.

He needs love, He needs care
But most of all
He needs help and support
Not only from me but from us all.

We all need to look deeper
Much more into his eyes
Where we can then see the pain
Which he can't disguise.

He covers things well
He thinks so at least
But all that he does
Is make people retreat.

So yes you stand and stare
You mutter and moan
But in the end try to understand

How it feels to be alone!

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