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ADDerwards 2004

List of those who have received an ADDerward in 2004

Below is a list of how many children have been nominated and received an ADDerward since this was started.

As you can see there are some children who are well on the way to reaching their first 10 Certificates and there are some who have just started. It does not matter how many you have recieved so far I think all of you have done so well to have been nominated for an award that you should all be very proud of yourselves.

I am sure that by seeing all of you here will encourage lots of other mums and dads nominate their child for an ADDerward and then very soon this list will be very, very long indeed.

So mums and dads take the time to think about some of the things which you child has done which is an achievement for them. It might be that they have been able to sleep in their own bed all night or that they may have not woken you up as soon as they wake in the morning but have been really quiet and played for a while. Or it maybe that they have had a really good day at school and the teacher has come to tell you that (we all know the feeling we get when we see the teacher start to make their way over to us in the playground, then when they turn round and say that they just wanted to let you know that your child had been really great today). Or it may be that they have started to get ready for shool on time in the morning or any number of things which are great for your child to have done.

Well these are all achievements for one particular child aren't they? So it does not have to be something huge that you can nominate them for it can just be something that they have done to make you feel really proud. Thing is we all like to have times like this when we feel so proud of our child for something and then when we tell someone else they look at us as if we are round the twist as their child does this thing all the time so why should we be making a big deal of it.

Well here on we love to share in these things and no matter how small if it is a big deal to you and your child then it is a big deal to us too.

We all deserve to feel very proud of our children and we need to let them know that not only are we as their parent proud of them but there are others out there who also are proud of them and for them. Things like this may seem small but to our children who so often have a really low self-esteem this can be a great thing for them to find that there are others out there who have the same condition as they do and that there are people out there who are proud of them and what they can do even if they don't know them.

For a List of Bronze Certificate ADDerwards for receiving 10 certificates to Date Click Here

So OK on with this list so far, and lets see how this grows over the next few months:

(P.S. parents please think carefully about the nominations as well as if the child gets too many at once they won't feel quite as special so we do need to make sure that this does not turn into something which can be seen as too easy either. However I am sure you will all know exactly the sorts of things we are talking about here so I am sure that it will all work out right.)

Sarah-Jayne Bass

Name of ChildDate of ADDerward
Dani26th December 2004
Trinity Royal25th December 2004
Tom R23rd December 2004
Richard P18th December 2004
Thomas D18th December 2004
Mini18th December 2004
Hayden17th December 2004
Ben D16th December 2004
Tom R15th December 2004
Dani15th December 2004
Daniel C10th December 2004
Gareth9th December 2004
Tom R7th December 2004
Ryan3rd December 2004
Dani2nd December 2004
Eloise30th November 2004
Tamara30th November 2004
Ashley29th November 2004
Dani29th November 2004
Luke29th November 2004
Thomas D29th November 2004
Tom R29th November 2004
Catriona28th November 2004
Robin28th November 2004
Andrew T28th November 2004
Thomas D28th November 2004
Luke28th November 2004
Roy23rd November 2004
Bethany22nd November 2004
Tom R21st November 2004
Christopher A21st November 2004
Emily21st November 2004
Bethany A21st November 2004
Connor S19th November 2004
Nathan19th November 2004
Thomas D19th November 2004
Connor S19th November 2004
Caroline17th November 2004
Yoav17th November 2004
Tamara14th November 2004
Ashley13th November 2004
Luke13th November 2004
Daniel B12th November 2004
Tyra11th November 2004
Thomas D10th November 2004
Ellie8th November 2004
Luke6th November 2004
Tom K5th November 2004
Catriona5th November 2004
Andrew T5th November 2004
Thomas S5th November 2004
Robin4th November 2004
Thomas D4th November 2004
Tamara1st November 2004
Andrew T31st October 2004
Robin31st October 2004
Roy K31st October 2004
Tamara31st October 2004
Bethany30th October 2004
Thomas D30th October 2004
Nathan A30th October 2004
Daniel C30th October 2004
Nathan A30th October 2004
Nick30th October 2004
Jacob29th October 2004
Nick29th October 2004
Thomas K29th October 2004
Tamara29th October 2004
Robin29th October 2004
Tamara29th October 2004
Michael D28th October 2004
Ellie26th October 2004
Ben D24th October 2004
Daniel22nd October 2004
Nathan C22nd October 2004
Robin22nd October 2004
Luke D21st October 2004
Nathan C20th October 2004
Nathan A20th October 2004
Luke D20th October 2004
Nathan A20th October 2004
Dani19th October 2004
Tamara19th October 2004
Gareth19th October 2004
Ashley19th October 2004
Cassandra19th October 2004
Daniel C18th October 2004
Robin18th October 2004
Catriona18th October 2004
Andrew T18th October 2004
Lewis M17th October 2004
Tamara17th October 2004
Nick17th October 2004
Nick16th October 2004
Dani13th October 2004
Rhiannon12th October 2004
Luke D11th October 2004
Autumn11th October 2004
Christopher D11th October 2004
Richard P9th October 2004
Thomas D7th October 2004
Justan7th October 2004
Andrew T5th October 2004
Robin5th October 2004
Ellie4th October 2004
Bethany2nd October 2004
Dani1st October 2004
Joshua S1st October 2004
Dani30th September 2004
Catriona29th September 2004
Daniel C27th September 2004
Daniel C25th September 2004
Connor S24th September 2004
Ellie24th September 2004
Nathan A23rd September 2004
Daniel J16th September 2004
Patrick15th September 2004
Robin14th September 2004
Dani14th September 2004
Richard11th September 2004
Rhiannon10th September 2004
Kyle10th September 2004
Dani10th September 2004
Lucy9th September 2004
Luke9th September 2004
Thomas D9th September 2004
Scott W8th September 2004
Daniel C8th September 2004
Keirene6th September 2004
Nick5th September 2004
Robin4th September 2004
Andrew T4th September 2004
Nathan A3rd September 2004
Nick3rd September 2004
Andrew T2nd September 2004
Robin2nd September 2004
Ashley30th August 2004
Bradley R29th August 2004
Alec D28th August 2004
Robin26th August 2004
David M26th August 2004
Robin23rd August 2004
Jacob22nd August 2004
Thomas K22nd August 2004
Robin19th August 2004
Andrew T19th August 2004
Robin19th August 2004
Andrew T19th August 2004
Nick18th August 2004
Ashley18th August 2004
Liam6th August 2004
Marcus4th August 2004
Michael4th August 2004
Connor S30th July 2004
Nick30th July 2004
Daniel C29th July 2004
Nathan A22nd July 2004
Connor I22nd July 2004
Drew22nd July 2004
Nathan A21st July 2004
James W20th July 2004
Daniel C20th July 2004
Robin17th July 2004
Andrew T17th July 2004
Catriona17th July 2004
Thomas K17th July 2004
Robin16th July 2004
Nick16th July 2004
Daniel C16th July 2004
Robin15th July 2004
Nick15th July 2004
Luke15th July 2004
Thomas15th July 2004
Daniel C15th July 2004
Pat14th July 2004
Daniel C11th July 2004
Daniel J9th July 2004
Nellie9th July 2004
James T8th July 2004
Joseph7th July 2004
Lewis6th July 2004
Caitlyn6th July 2004
Daniel T6th July 2004
Adam C4th July 2004
Bethany1st July 2004
Pat30th June 2004
Nick29th June 2004
Rhiannon29th June 2004
Nathan A29th June 2004
Nathan A29th June 2004
Richard28th June 2004
Marcus26th June 2004
Thomas19th June 2004
Connor I18th June 2004
Drew18th June 2004
Nick18th June 2004
Rhiannon11th June 2004
Daniel C11th June 2004
Adam C11th June 2004
Nick9th June 2004
Adam L9th June 2004
David9th June 2004
Pat9th June 2004
Robin5th June 2004
Nick26th May 2004

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