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Useful Breast Lifting Guide For Every Woman

Breasts are a true symbol of femininity. Beautiful, round, firm breasts, with a favorable projection and an aesthetic shape are considered a perfect form of feminism. However, loss of skin elasticity combined with gravity effects, weight fluctuations, a strict diet, pregnancy or breastfeeding may affect breast firmness and shape. Moreover, aging can also cause changes in many aspects of our body structure and implicitly on the breasts.

Women who are unhappy with their breasts or unsatisfied with their size and shape may use the various methods of rejuvenation. One of the most important such methods is the breast lifting intervention. When the breast volume becomes a problem a certain level of discontent is experienced by potential patients who decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. As part of this procedure, surgeons insert implants that increase both the volume and the projection of the breasts, giving a much firmer and rejuvenated look.

What is mastopexy?

breast lift explained

"Mastopexy or breast lift is an aesthetic (cosmetic) surgical procedure aimed at lifting and reshaping sagging breasts to a rejuvenated shape and contour", says Mastopexy Surgeon Dr. Kohout in Sydney. The volume of the breasts remains unchanged, with the only true changes being the straightening of the bust. In addition to this, excessive skin tissue is redistributed throughout the body. Breast lifting surgery can reduce the size of the areola and reposition the nipples.

There are also some limitations associated with this kind of surgery. First of all, it does not affect the breasts' volume. In addition to this, excision of breast tissue is not required. In terms of breast reshaping, bilateral breast lift is a general term designating mastopexy. The standard procedure involves reshaping the breasts with the excision of excess skin under the nipple.

The skin remaining above the nipple is stretched down, while the lower flap is stretched upwards and sutured to the areola, avoiding the formation of folds and overlapping skin. As a consequence, breasts will become more attractive, prominent and stronger, in an upward position. If necessary, the size of the areola can be reduced by excision of skin around the perimeter.

How To Achieve A Natural Breast Lift/Mastopexy Without Surgery?

In the world where everybody wants to look good and feel good, you will somehow be pressured to fit in. For most women, the unavoidable but elegant aging process will lead to our precious breasts sagging. For some, of course, they just end up fine and the changes are usually not that noticeable. However, for a growing population it is not permissible and a lot of women are now searching for ways to diminish or eliminate the event of the sloping bust line even if it is just on an impermanent basis.

Sagging breasts become a problem as one reaches her forties or older where the body progressively loses some of its fullness or firmness. This is where breast lifts come in. When talking about breast lifts, you can either choose natural breast lift without surgery or go under the knife in the form of a breast augmentation. This non invasive breast augmentation is also known as the non surgical breast lift. Mastopexy (click here to learn more about the procedure) or the surgery you have to undergo just to get rid of sagging breasts is really well-known but expensive. However, if you opt for some breast lift without surgery, you really have to know what your options are. Lucky for you, there are a lot of other options you could choose from other than just going under a knife, so you don't have to pay thousands of bucks for a major and not to mention, stressful operation. There are a lot of ways for women to get a breast lift without surgery. Here are some:

1. Maintain an even and healthy weight

- One of the best ways to maintain how your breasts look is to stick to an even and healthy weight. Gaining weight can stretch out the skin, making it less elastic and your skin usually does not shrink back if you lose some weight. Also, keeping your skin well hydrated and moisturized is important in order for you to keep your skin's elasticity. You can always do this by drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day.

2. Find a good-fitting bra

- A good fitting bra is important if you want to maintain your breasts since a good bra is one of the most amazing natural breast lifts that you can discover. There are a lot of women who are wearing the incorrect bra size and this would usually lead to a critical change in their breasts' appearance. Also, if there is too much bouncing in an improperly fitted bra can actually tear connective tissue in the breasts. It will be a very wise decision if you get yourself a properly fitted bra in order for you to avoid these.

3. Breast massage

- This technique is popular in Asia for improving the shape and tone of breasts. You can actually try to do this at home as long as you are aware of the proper way of doing it. Doing it in an improper way may actually cause damage so better do some research first.

4. Breast pumps

- Breast pumps basically work by applying pressure on the breasts thereby, stimulating the growth of breast tissue. These pumps can be manual or electric. It pulls up the epidermis creating a small gap which the body tries to fill up thus, increasing breast size.

5. Natural breast lift products

- These are available on the market and they usually claim to enhance the appearance of breasts. They usually come in creams and they usually have a skin tightening effect. Some also come as hormone replacements which were claimed to increase cell growth of breast tissue.

There are a lot of options to choose from if you want breast lift without surgery, but at the end only a surgery will give you great results.

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