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Breast Augmentation

The use of QL breast implants Brisbane especially in cosmetic surgery has increased over the recent years. In some cases, they are used in reconstructive surgery after injury or mastectomy, a treatment procedure for cancer. The augmentation mammaplasty is a surgery that is aimed at increasing the size, texture and volume of the breasts. There are different reasons why women choose to undergo the procedure including restoration of the volume after significant weight loss.

It also increases the fullness as well as projection for those who naturally have smaller breasts. It can improve the general balance of the figure for some women. Others will use breast augmentation as a way to boost self-image and even confidence. It is important to note that implants will not treat breast that are severely drooping. Breast lifting is a valid procedure to help correct this and it can be done in conjunction with implantation. A plastic surgeon can give sufficient advice on how to get the best results.

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Types of Implants
There are two types of breast implants that are used in licensed clinics; silicone and saline. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and the choice will depend on the individual. There are also alternative composition implants such as soy oil that are not found readily in the current market. The saline implants are filled with a salt water solution that is isotonic to the biological fluid concentration. They have been modified since they were first manufactured in 1964. The shells of those in the market today are made of silicone elastomer which is thicker than the older types. Though it is medically safe, it may pose some unforeseen cosmetic problems such as wrinkling and its presence may be obvious to the touch or even the eye. The saline implant was made to offer a less invasive alternative to the popular alternative.

The silicone implants was first used in 1962 and is chosen by most people over the saline prosthesis. It has been modified over the years with five generations of the product. They are typically sacs filled with silicone gel and designed realistically to suit different individuals. Most favor this choice because it feels more real compared to the saline solution. The new models ensure that the leakage of silicone is limited to prevent hazards and advance the degree of safety after the breast augmentation procedure.

The decision to have breast implants should be taken seriously with proper evaluation of the possible risks as well as the financial implications. Ensure that you consult with your general practitioner as well as a certified plastic surgeon for quality information.


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